About Our Work

In order to maintain life 100 years from now, we must cultivate connections for the future we want to live today.



EMPOWERING Girls and Women

Women are the keepers of the water, under threat, leaders in Indigenous cultures, an undervalued voice, and strong in number. Female Youth and Elders are stepping into their leadership and amplifying their voices to rebalance and transform the corporate culture of domination and inequality.


Potentialize Unity

A culture of separatism stalls efforts for real change and just transition. No one people is greater than another. Equality and unification leverages solutions for connecting environmental and human rights causes, gathers Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to diversify and strengthen efforts, and links geographical locations erasing false borders that have separated one from another to nourish healing, collaborative solutions.


Seed Indigenous Knowledge



More than flora, waters, air and fauna—Mother Earth is whole. Ancestral and traditional teachings can empower people and communities to become long-term stewards of our shared natural resources.

Stories shape our world, tell us who we are, what is important, and how we should behave. Stories create our future. That is why the story we tell today matters so much for the future of our planet. We encourage creatives to tell compelling impact driven narratives—in any medium that inspire communities to engage in positive action.




We provide seed grants for leadership and communities in need of development funds for path projects, site specific activations, gatherings, critical travel, and diplomatic conversations. Path Projects are long-term initiatives which offer long-lasting impact, are community created, driven and managed, and showcase multi-stakeholder engagement. Site Specific Activations bridge ongoing environmental work to expand networks and strengthen lasting alliances. Gatherings, critical travel, and diplomatic conversations create healing spaces, for deep dialogue, and consensus of people and place.



Thank you for considering Indigena as a fiscal sponsor for your organization. We understand the energy and resources it requires to administer a project and are excited to support you. For an administrative fee, projects have access to our network, organizational infrastructure, and services. Fiscally Sponsored projects must be a mission fit for Indigena.



Our institute creates models and methodologies that can be immediate tools for Indigenous Peoples and communities for data management, environmental protection, conservation, commerce, and cultural continuity with the goal of promoting sovereignty.



Our work aims to conserve and celebrate valuable Indigenous knowledge systems—bridges ancient and modern, science and culture—to support a healthy path for people and planet.