Protecting Foodways - Fighting GMO and Chemical Pesticides

The rise of industrial agriculture, mostly to grow food for industrial animal production, has come at a huge cost to lands, communities, cultures and lifeways. 

The Black Hills of South Dakota in the North where Monsanto’s GMO seeds and chemical pesticides have harmed the land and the people, and the Lacandon and the Kogi territories in the South, are experiencing rapid-fire destruction of their traditional life and food ways. 

Together we are co-innovating the strategic joining of 2 parallel food movements: the fight against Monsanto’s GMO greed seeds and pesticides with Indigenous efforts to preserve Native  seeds and maintain the integrity of Mother Earth to create healthier food systems. Indigena and its partners will work to leverage a growing network of Indigenous communities who stand for Mother Earth, Native Seeds and localized traditional farming to fight modern Indigenous colonization through industrial agriculture that destroys healthy food systems and drives cultural extinction at a time we all need traditional paths to feed our growing population on a warming planet.

Garet Field-Sells

For over a decade, Garet's creative design, branding, and strategy career spans over interactive, print, technology, film and fashion for some of the world’s leading brands. Fusing contemporary business solutions with innovative ideas, Garet inspires entrepreneurs, start ups, small and large teams to conceptualize and deliver ingenious results. Based in Los Angeles, California – Garet has worked as a creative director overseeing big-picture projects from concept to launch with Paramount Pictures, EMI Music, Virgin Music, Helmut Lang, Converse, IBM, Ford, Canal+, HP, The Ritz Carlton and the U.S.' premiere plant-based culinary empire, Matthew Kenney Cuisine. As a marketing and business strategy consultant, Garet's regional work with Apple, Nike, and Equinox – alongside TBWA/Chiat/Day's creative team – helped form his approach to lean business models with simplicity, celebrating honest and compelling visceral experiences. Co-founder of Installation Media – Garet built groundbreaking platforms and interactive experiences for art institutions around the world, collaborating with The Getty, LACMA, MoMa, MOCA, The Barbican Centre, Tate, The Armory Show, Volta and the internationally regarded Southern California Institute of Architecture. As a producer, content creator, art director and multi-media specialist, he lead partnerships with BMW, Ruinart, Cadillac and Barney New York.